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DP & Chemical Products Business

Dissolving Pulp (Sulfite)

Our dissolving pulp is produced by the sulfite pulping (SP method) with precision processing to assure high whiteness level that contains minimum impurities.

Sulfite Pulp
Dissolving Pulp (Sulfite)
Functional Chemical Products

Our product range extends from food additives using our biotechnology to specialty chemicals such as cellulose derivatives and lignin products utilizing constituents from wood.

Functional Chemical Products
Lignosulfonate [SAN-X] Modified Lignosulfonate [VANILLEX]
High-Purity Lignosulfonate [PEARLLEX]
Condensed Naphthalene-Sulfonate Products [VANIOL]
Condensed Bisphenol Products [VISPERSE]
Earth Resistance Reducing Agent [EARTHRON]
Cello-oligosaccharidest [NPC Cello-Oligo & Sun Cellobio]
Carboxymethyl Cellulose [SUNROSE] Powered Cellulose [KC FLOCK]
Ribonucleic Acid [RNA] Yeast [YEAST B]
Yeast Extract [SK YEAST EXTRACT] Glycyrrhizin [SAN-RHIZIN]
Stevia Sweetener [STEVIAFIN SK SWEET]  
Functional Coating Resins

SUPERCHLON® and AUROREN® are high performance adhesion promoters for paint,coatings,ink and adhesives.
Its applications include automotive exterior parts,such as bumpers,interior parts,packaging films,adhesives and printing inks.

Functional Coating Resins
Chlorinated Polyolefin [SUPERCHLON] Specially Modified Polyolefin [AUROREN]

Functional Materials Business

Functional Film

Uses of our optical film for flat panel displays are spreading steadily to personal computers, monitors and televisions.  We can satisfy your high expectations with a highly responsive development system and the latest in clean coating technology.

Functional Film
Optical Film for Display Device [FUNCTIONAL FILM FOR LCD DISPLAYS]
Films for temporary seal [JEMITS TAPE]
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